Frequently Asked Questions

Grounds, trees, planting schemes and lawn management - there are many questions. Our staff have added below the most frequently asked questions concerning commercial and retail grounds maintenance and more.

Please contact us if you would like to send us an enquiry regarding your individual grounds management needs.

How often is grass cut, and trees and flowers maintained?

We recommend that mowing of lawn areas in commercial outdoor space, community locations and at your own business property is conducted regularly. A weekly or fortnightly basis from spring to early winter .
Some types of grass may need more or less regular cuts. Meadow grass, for example, needs cutting only twice a year, however lawn areas need regular attention.
Grass cuttings are removed normally removed from site.
Shrubs and hedges are professionally pruned and shaped on each visit, and plants and flowers de-headed on a regular basis.
Additional requirements can be taken into account and factored into your individual contract.

Do you only meet the needs of commercial customers?

The majority of our business is for large commercial clients, local authorities and large private estates, we do though consider larger residential properties.

How do you know you are permitted to prune trees adjacent to my property?

On occasions, the locality of the trees, their species and age will determine whether or not they can be cut back, felled or pruned. We will always obtain permission or advice from the local authorities where required. When you prune shrubbery and hedges, what do you do?
We cut back dead wood, trim hedges and shrubs to not only look aesthetically pleasing with pleasant shaping, but also to enhance their health and growth. Any diseased branches are disposed of and the plant retained and cared for by mulching. Replacement of missing shrubs, and cultivating specific areas in need of attention.

What areas will you care for?

We will look after all outdoor areas that have lawns, plants and trees.
That includes grass verges, ornamental lawns, hedgerows, trees, shrub and flower beds and your hardstandings.
We carefully manage and maintain your outside space and ensure that we work in a safe and polite manner.