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With all aspects of lawn care and turfing undertaken, our staff are able to aerate, scarify and kill moss, feed, weed and re-seed. Helping your lawns to look as good as they should. They can top dress your lawned areas, lay new grass seed and apply moss treatments when required. Also looking out for issues that can be treated before they become a problem.

When you choose to re-turf your certain areas, we can carry this out at the right time of year - when risk of frost has passed, and when the weather is not too hot or dry. We lay high quality Rolawn Medallion turf and high-grade grass seed so ensuring a fine finish.

Turf, Lawn Care, Feeding, Weeding & Seeding

We work hard to create perfect lawn areas and improving your existing ones. We will assist by offering the following services:

  • Site Clearance
  • Preparation & Levelling Works
  • Turfing & Seeding
  • Supply & Laying of the Highest Quality Rolawn Medallion Turf
  • Only High Grade Grass Seed Sown
  • Lawn Care
  • Top Dressing
  • Re-Seeding, Weeding & Moss Treatments
  • Aeration & Scarification

We will treat your lawn when it is the right time and weather to do also turf and newly seeded lawns need attention, as does established grass and our staff will carry out works when the time is right.

When cutting grass, our staff members will ensure that the first cut of the year only takes the top of the blades away, keeping it healthy whilst it is still cold. Further mowing will see that grass is cut slightly shorter each time.

Applications of moss removal, grass feed and weed control will be used as and where necessary.

We can put together a schedule so that poorly kept lawns are restored, one that works to your specific conditions.

Shady, Dry or Boggy Ground - We Have the Solution

Applying our skill and expertise, we will make sure that every aspect of your contract relating to the care of your lawns is carried out. This means that if you need a comprehensive service, including turfing, re-seeding, regular mowing and feeding then we are able to perform this for you.

As a business we act professionally at all times and ensure that your lawns are well cared for at all times. Our range of services includes projects and contracts on outdoor communal spaces, office landscapes, commercial outdoor areas, retail parks and new developments.

Please contact us to discover more about our turfing, lawn care and other treatments.