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If you are aiming to control pests in your grounds, manage weeds or would like plants and lawns spraying to prevent damage from disease and help with healthy growth,

Weed Control, Plant Management & Lawn Spraying

Our staff use herbicides and pesticides that are safe to your visitors, the environment and wildlife. We can feed, weed and control your plants and turfed areas ensuring that you can enjoy your outside spaces naturally.

We are proficient in applying the correct sprays in the control of pests and management of lawns and plants. We use well maintained equipment that is regularly serviced that is efficient in the spraying of chemicals. Controlling specific areas can help to target problem pests and help with lawn growth, and our machinery does so in a safe, even and effective manner.

Targeted Applications That Work

The majority of our work is carried out at business parks, local authority properties and at private residential gardens; as well as other commercial and industrial sites

Our weed control and spraying services are excellent in helping maintain your outdoor areas.

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